1. Verify Your Pregnancy
As many as 40% of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, and your pregnancy test could still be showing positive. The earliest way to confirm a pregnancy is with a medical grade pregnancy test. Ultrasound is also available by referral and coming to this center in the spring .

2. Determine How Far Along You Are
If you are pregnant, knowing how far along you are will determine the type and cost of an abortion. Our counselors will use the information you give to determine how far along you are.

3. Understand the Procedure
Our counselors will provide information about medical abortion (RU486 or the abortion pill) and surgical abortion. We will talk to you about your situation

This may be unexpected and you may be wondering how to proceed with your pregnancy. Making important decisions is hard, and you need to know the facts. We want to make sure you have information you can trust. You have options and we offer support.  

Steps to Take: 

Care                Counsel               Compassion 






​Get the Facts- Make a well informed decision - adoption, abortion, parent

REAL Facts, REAL Support

A positive pregnancy test should be a cause of joy to a couple. But if you’re in crisis, it very well could be the worst and scariest news you’ve ever received.
You may find that your emotions are confused. Or, once the initial shock has passed, you may find you are feeling strong emotions of fear, regret, shame, guilt, or embarrassment. Perhaps you are feeling alone and completely unprepared to face the momentous decisions now before you.
We want you to know from our hearts that we are here for you, and our desire is to walk with you through this new and somewhat frightening season in your life.  We will talk about adoption and you can meet with out onsite adoption specialist to find out if adoption is an option you would consider. 

Parenting may seem overwhelming but at Pregnancy Support Center our counselors will help you make a pregnancy plan that will promote health and wellness. You will also gain vital parenting skills and help with baby items from our on-site baby store called "Connie's Closet." 

​You are not alone and together we will help you reach your goals.  Adoption information, ultrasound before abortion, parenting support

 Abortion... Things to Consider
If you are considering abortion, we offer free, confidential services to help you find out the facts. Knowing the facts helps you to make a well informed decision.  

CALL TODAY, Don’t put it off…

A caring client advocate will sit with you in a private and confidential setting and:

  • Listen to your situation, questions, and concerns
  • Schedule your pregnancy test, nurse consultation and ultrasound
  • Provide a safe and confidential environment for you to privately explore your options
  • Provide relevant, factual and accurate Options Educational material on: abortion procedures &risks, pregnancy, adoption education & services, and parenting education & support
  • Provide emotional support and relationship communication facilitation for you and any significant others you may desire help with
  • Meet with you as many times as needed to provide help and support for you throughout your process
  • Offer unconditional acceptance and care no matter what your choice
  • Treat you with dignity, compassion, honesty and respect at all times